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There are things that happen in life that I can't tell my friends and family about. However, a person can't keep everything inside!

Wife - daughter - employee - lover - writer - musician - sculpter - guilt hound - tea drinker - just another face in the crowd

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Random Things I Can't Tell Regular People

Friday, March 17

Lookee here!

Image hosting by PhotobucketSo, blogger's lost it's last Random Things post. I've jumped ship and moved on over to another host. You can now find me at www.thewifeslife.wordpress.com. Keep in mind WordPress is still mighty young and things are still pretty glitchy. Its server goes down a lot too, I'm sure, but at least it'll be at different times than good ol' Blogger. Update your bookmarks friends, and come on over!
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If there were a happy pill...

I wonder, if there were a magic pill I could take to be happy all the time (with no side effects) would I take it? I am often sad, but I think I like it. I think I rationalize it by thinking it makes me feel conscious. I notice more things when I'm sad, feel more deeply. When I am happy (and I often am, don't worry) I just don't think as much.

I suspect a great deal of who I think I am hinges on my melancholy.
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Wednesday, March 15

Absence makes the cock grow larger

Image hosting by PhotobucketI don't think I'd mentioned it, but my husband had been out of town for a few days, hence the lack of boinking posts around here lately. Well, he got back last night. Having still not found any availablity for Insta-Libido Powder, I was actually a little concerned. We'd talked about it, anticipated it, and I was sure as heck glad he was home - but what if I wasn't interested? What if I got tired and just wanted to go to sleep instead? What if? What if? What if? (yada yada yada, you've heard it all before.)

Thing is, my fears were not totally unfounded. I wasn't really especially horny or anything. When my husband put on some pre-lovin' videos to set the mood, they didn't really hold my interest. We had a shower to warm up and get clean, and it was there that he kissed me. Ah, a flicker of arousal. Another kiss. Yes, this may be enjoyable. And another. Well, I may not come, but we'll still have fun...

The rest is pretty predictible - but only because we have amazing sex (when we do have it.) I have no doubt that the neighbours heard us and our thumping matress, but I'm not concerned. Starting out, I was reluctant to open up for him. I was still shy and feeling ticklish down there. Being my husband, he knew the exact steps to take to get me started and make me crazy. Step one, calm her down, lots of body contact. Step two, caressing from behind (no clit!). Step three, make her want it.

Very effective. I lost control. I'm not sure if I was vocal, but I certainly was active. Felt a little silly at all my orgasmic writhing, but kept my conscious mind well surpressed and just rode the wave. And then I rode him. And his wave. And then, we were spent and lay crumpled in a post-coital heap. ahhhhhhh.

Good to have you back, babe.
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Monday, March 13

I went braless the entire weekend. That's including Friday (when I called in "sick" from work), trips to the grocery store, church and other various outings. Today, it's back to the B cup constrictions, enforced by societal norms.

At least it's not a corset.
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Sunday, March 12

Hey, Kinky!

Is this better? It changes things a little for me in Firefox, but not in Explorer Anyone else having text/background issues when visiting here? As a good hostess, I'd like everyone to be as comfortable as possible. Just say no to eye strain!

On a similarily boring technical vein - I'm thinking of moving away from blogger since it seems to be down more than working these days. Any suggestions of free blog hosting services, anyone?
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Saturday, March 11

Warning: religious post to follow

So, my husband's away for the weekend (for a good reason, nothing scary, don't worry). You can expect to hear a lot from me during his absence. Usually about 95% of my random thoughts go through him and never end up on this blog. You may not know, but, his being away was what started this blog in the first place. I have a lot to say today, and no one to say it to. Except you, dear reader.

A word of background. I'm a practicing Christian of the Presbyterian persuasion. I'm abserving Lent this year, again. Last year and this I've done two things to bring meaning to these 40 days before Easter. 1 - A daily bible reading schedule based on the Book of Prayer. 2 - In the spirit of things, I'm also abstaining from (and this is the embarassing part) chocolate. I'm hoping to get meaning out of the readings, and momentary reminders on the chocolate denial.

Why chocolate? It's so silly, so arbitary. It's not like giving up meat (as is traditional) nor am I eating only locusts and honey to mimic John the Baptist. Nope,I've given up chocolate. It's nothing but a treat for me, but it does make me remember when I choose a snack. Smarties or pretzels? Oh yeah, better choose the pretzels, since you're observing Lent... I've just eaten a bowl of Praelines and Cream ice cream, even though I would have much prefered Heavenly Hash. Yeah, some sacrifice, right?

That's not the point though, for me. It's not like Hiromi, who seems to be observing Lent out of the pleasure of self discipline and the tastiness of forbidden food. I'd really like to learn something spiritual through this whole exercise. Last year, I really think I was able to learn from Lent. I kept a journal, I wrote things down, I grew. This year, nada.

Now, here's the trouble. Do I a) give up, buy a box of Lindt goodies and pack it in? or do I b) keep at it despite the seeming lack of purpose? I think I've pretty well decided that this year's Lent is a pretty clear reflection of my Christian life in general. I don't really see the meaning of it all the time. But I stick with it anyway. Just like this year's Lent. I'd be a heck of a lot happier if I heard the Voice of God during my bible readings. He could tell me whatever, I don't care, I'd just be glad to hear it. Instead, I got nothing, but I keep at it anyway.

Hmmm, thinking about this makes it sound depressing. It's not really, not how it feels to me. It actually gives purpose to my Lenten observances, in a strange kind of way. By following Lent, seeing through on my committment to read daily and not eat chocolate, I'm reaffirming my faith. Saying, in essence, I'm not in it for the instant reward. I'm in it because I said I would. I'm committed.

Anyway, Pralines and Cream isn't all that bad. At least until April 16th.
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Sometimes I wish I had some Insta-Libido powder to sprinkle on my Cheerios in the morning, to keep me going all day long. Kind of like sprinkling Bran Buds on your cereal. I think it would work nicely...
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If there were a happy pill...

Image hosting by PhotobucketI wonder, if there were a magic pill I could take to be happy all the time (with no side effects) would I take it? I am often sad, but I think I like it. I think I rationalize it by thinking it makes me feel conscious. I notice more things when I'm sad, feel more deeply. When I am happy (and I often am, don't worry) I just don't think as much.

I suspect a great deal of who I think I am hinges on my melancholy.
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Friday, March 10

My personal pantry full of goodness

Image hosting by PhotobucketI was going to write a lits of my shortcomings, but I thing we've all heard enough of those. Here's a list of my more positive traits:
  • Loyal
  • Sensitive
  • My sharp, open mind
  • Patient (execpt with myself, usually)
  • Consciencious
  • Don't make committments lightly
  • Sensible (usually)
  • Full of thoughts
  • Well spoken (sometimes)
  • Can't hold my liquor (heheheh)
  • Up on current events
  • Responsible
  • Good with people (except for kids)
  • Creative
  • Healthy
  • Good sense of humour
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Thursday, March 9

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

Image hosting by PhotobucketLast night (or was it the night before?) my husband asked me what I wanted to portray in bed. What an excellent question, I thought. I know I'm not a Tigress a Dom or anything. I'm not even especially seductive. Neither am I especially submissive. I don't do the Little Girl thing... what do I want to show in the bedroom?

My answer was, Momphth and ungerumthum. I believe his penis was in my mouth at the moment. Translated, I said soft and enthusiastic.

Now, like the true introvert I am, I'm replaying the conversation and wondering if that was the best answer. Yes, I do want to be soft (read: feminine, pleasurable, comfortable) and enthusiastic, but I think I'd like to be more.

What I really want to be is Easy, Breezy, Beautiful. I want to be adventurous. Ready to try anything with energy. Without hangups. Attractive. Offering sex without complications. That's what I want to portray in the bedroom.

I wonder if it's even possible.
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