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There are things that happen in life that I can't tell my friends and family about. However, a person can't keep everything inside!

Wife - daughter - employee - lover - writer - musician - sculpter - guilt hound - tea drinker - just another face in the crowd

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Random Things I Can't Tell Regular People

Saturday, April 30


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I forgot until I looked in the mirror this morning. I have a glorious trophy!!
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Missionary - with modifications

Here was a thought I had last night: How the hell am I going to write about this on the blog?
Here was a thought that followed shortly after: Who cares - do it again, please!!!!!

I had had a huge week. I had stayed up late too many nights (yes, for more fun, so I can't really complain) but by Friday I was bushed. My husband had been looking at toys all day (inspired by Ed, Housewyfe, and his own desires) and had a few things to show me. We were thinking specifically of a remote vibrator, that I could wear in public. You may remember, I have exhibitionist tendencies, and I do like the idea of doing things (subtly) in public. However, I do have some reluctance to give up control over my body and my pleasure. How do I know he'll buzz me at good times? What if I don't like it and can't stop it?

We looked at a few shops together online, discussed the options and the possibilites and it wasn't long before I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. I got into my favourite pyjamas (ie nude) and snuggled into bed. I dozed... okay, I was out like a light in seconds, and my husband finished his browsing.

I woke up to my husband's wonderful face, bending over to kiss me. We made out for a long time. I had missed his kisses sooooo much while he'd been sick, but I think he's better now! Deep kissing, tongues and lips and teeth, it was beautiful. Although my body had woken up, my eyes were still tired and I kept them closed most of the time. I said to him at one point, I'm just going to keep my hands above my head tonight... he got the clue.

My amazing husband grabbed one of our scarves, kept in our toybox, and firmly secured my hands together above my head, as I lay on my back. It was perfectly comfortable, and perfectly divine. Wasn't long before the blindfold came out - might as well, my eyes were closed anyway! What's that I said earlier about relinquishing control? Here I was, blindfolded and without the use of my hands. And loving it.

My husband grabbed our lube and started rubbing it on my breasts. Eros is a great massage oil and he was using the perfect amount of pressure, quite firm, actually. His warm hands moved outwards from my breasts, massaging my chest, my belly, my underarms (which are super-sensitive!) Then he started on my thighs, moving down my legs to my feet, all the while with his warm, soft hands. Keep in mind, he hadn't even touched between my legs yet, but I was still wet all over. Then he started with the teasing.

Now, my eyes were blindfolded, so I couldn't tell what he'd be doing next. His fingers strayed to my inner thighs and gently over my pussy. He didn't go in, no nothing so satisfying as that, but would only brush his fingers over my pubic hair, teasing me terribly.

After that things get a little blurry. There was a penis in my mouth for a bit, there was his mouth, breathing on my pussy (but not licking!! arg!) and finally, after some pleading, there was touch on my clit, my lips, my slit, my ass. Finally! He didn't let me come, he was in dominant mode and wanted to be in control.

After asking some more, he finally fucked my pussy. I was so ready for it, I was so wet, so needing him inside me. He fucked me hard, I could feel him leaning over me, smell him on me, all senses heightened by the extended foreplay and the blindfold and bound arms. He must have grabbed the vibrator at one point, because all of a sudden my very being was vibrating. I have no idea how he managed it, but he was holding himself up, fucking me and using the vibrator. I could feel his breath on me, his sweat dripping on me, my thighs burning for more. I think it was then that I came, an explosive, loud orgasm. His mouth on mine to stifle my cries, his penis in me, filling me up.

After I came, I wanted more penis in vagina. I have this feeling after orgasm that I need him in me. I think that was ok with him (still not having come yet) and he thrust and thrust inside me. I could feel his penis growing stiffer as he was just about to come, which aroused me even more (if that's even possible) and soon he pulled out and exploded on my belly. I still couldn't see him, but his breathing, his smell, his being were right there for me to experience.

He lay down beside me, absolutely spent. He untied my blindfold and my arms, and we looked at each other. I, covered in his semen; he, covered in sweat. Both of us high on post-coital hormones...

Now, what was that again about my reluctance to relinquish control? Yeah, I talk big, but sometimes I just like to be fucked.
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Friday, April 29

A note about blogging

I've been reading a book, Dropped Threads about things that people (women) don't talk about but should. I think that blogs are the same thing. I had no idea that people other than me had the same kind of issues: differing libidos, difficulties buying sex toys, fitting sex into life.

My mother taught me not to wash darks with lights, to hold my head up high amidst adversity, to eat three square meals a day. She did not teach me that sometimes a person is just too tired to have sex with her husband, and that even people of a certain age do it doggy style. There is a gap in my education which is being filled by reading people's blogs...
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Lube 101

If you make a surprise visit to our home, chances are high that you'd find a bottle of lubricant laying around somewhere. The battery-toys, they get cleaned up and put away, but the lubricant... it's where ever it was placed in a moment of passions.

Here's what I have to say about lube. Ahhhhhhhhh. It makes everything better. I think I tend not to self-lubricate too much, so using man-made lube takes the pressure off. ("What if he can't get it in? What if it hurts?)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIn the beginning we used Waterbased lube, specifically AstroGlide. We tried a couple others, it was just not the same. They get gummy (and taste funny) and one of them even made me numb, which can take the fun out of a romp in the hay. AstroGlide, for the waterbased lubes is, for us, the best. Why waterbased? you ask. You can use them with condoms and silicon vibrators. The alternative, silicon-based, wreck your jelly toys. Oil based (of which I've never used any) apparently ruin condoms.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comBut then, we branched out and tried silicon-based lubes. Now, those are lovely! They don't get gummy, they stay slick in the shower (but watch out in the tub the next day!) and the ones we've used, don't have a taste. We've been finding though, if our session gets too long, there get to be these little grains of stuff, sandy bits, that develop. I usually don't notice until I'm cleaning up after, but once when I was really sensitive, it made things quite painful.

Not claiming that I know all there is to know about lube, Housewyfe. But here's a start! I was lucky to have my husband to lead me through the maze. (He just informed me that silicon based is latex (condom) friendly, which I certainly didn't know) ps - Have fun with your Caveman as you learn about some fun, new toys!
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Thursday, April 28

To my husband,
Thank you for last night. I know it didn't end the way either one expected it to. I don't regret it, I certainly don't wish it never happened. I think the way you reacted last night is proof again why I love you: you're caring, sensitive, willing to talk about things instead of just sweeping them under the carpet, so steady and calming. I am certain that you love me. Thank you for being you, and thank God you found me.
I love you.
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Tuesday, April 26

Oh yeah.

I forgot one.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

'nuff said.
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Monday, April 25

My dear Housewyfe, I haven't forgotten your query. I didn't want to rush it, but here's my expose on my toybox, or at least the vibrator section. My husband usually does the shopping, he just searches prices and types online (we search: sex toys canada). The looking itself usually leads to some fun in the bedroom...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This was my first vibrator, I mean "finger massager." My husband, then my boyfriend, got it for me, actually quite early in our relationship. It's quite short, hard plastic, and quite a loud vibration. I was really surprised when he got it - we didn't use it very much, I don't think, but the thought was there, and it certainly set the tone for a wonderful, buzzing relationship.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This was the next one, purchased for me after we got married. High points - the greatest texture; quiet; lovely little vibration. Low points - AA batteries leave us scrounging for power at the most inopportune times; on/off switch is a little awkward, especially when slippery; supposed to use with waterbased lube (since silicon and silicon just don't mix - or so they say...)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This vibrator was purchased once we realised how utterly superior silicon lube is to waterbased lube. Maybe one of these days I'll do a post on our favourite lubricants. For now, suffice to say Eros is exquisite. High points - hard plastic mean silicon lube is ok. Low points - hard plastic means it makes my pussy a little tender if I use it too much.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Take a moment ladies, soak in the glory of the Beyond 2000 , queen of all vibrators. If your husband loves you enough to get you one of these... well, that's true love. This vibrator has beads that rotate inside you, at the same time as the panther (see his little paws? They are sheer bliss!) stimulates your clit. High points - lots of stimulation, it's nice to have something inside and clit vibrations. It's utterly orgasmic. Low points - it's extremely battery heavy. 4 AA's, and they need to be fully charged up to go. It's not waterproof like the others, but is easy to clean up. It's much wider than my other vibrators, sometimes, if I'm not warmed up enough, it's a little too wide, especially with those beads a'rotatin'. I wasn't supposed to see the receipt, but I think it's pretty pricey.

So that's the story of my vibrators. Some day we'll delve a little deeper into the toybox. Let's hear it friends, what's your favourite toy?
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Sunday, April 24

It had been a few days since my husband and I had some fun in the bedroom. For one thing, he's still dealing with his sickness and for another thing, I've been really busy working on a project at home. Yesterday, I had worked on it allllll day and I was exhausted (and had a little headache.) We had talked about fooling around throughout the day, I was game for it until midnight came I I was bushed. My husband came to bed and encouraged me to start touching his penis. I'll admit I wasn't really into it in the beginning, but then, a lovely thought popped into my head. Me, laying on my tummy, my husband, overtop of me, going in from behind. It sounded so comfortable, so delicious - I heard myself requesting it before I realised (you may or may not know, I sometimes have some issues knowing what I want in bed, so it was nice to get such a strong idea.) We propped up my tummy with a pillow and the angle was just perfect. He went in me and we were able to move together - I'm not too familiar with hitting the G-spot, but there was definitely something going on in there. He had his hand reached around me, fingering my clit and my previous sexual apathy dissolved.

Before too long, I was on my hands and knees, my husband still thrusting from behind. When I moved my hips with his movement his cock was able to go extremely deep inside me, feeling so good. All this time, I was having delightful waves of pleasure. Not the fall-over-the-edge kind of orgasm (where it's over when it's over), but constant pleasure, peaked by moments of extremem pleasure.

My back was really sensitive the whole night, when my husband's hair brushed across it, I got shivers. Feeling his chest on my back was so comforting (did I mention how much I love him?!?). I wanted it deeper and harder and soon heard myself asking for "Harder, harder, please." I wanted him to come inside me, but decided (being at a particularly fertile time of the month) second best would be him coming on my back. He thrust and thrust his cock inside me, and I could tell he was really close, then he pulled out and used his hand to come all over my back. It was great, I just lay there, settled in my hands and knees position as my wonderful husband grabbed a cloth to clean me up.

We both cleaned up and snuggled into bed. My headache gone, we slept very well.
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Saturday, April 23

I think I have a little crush on Peter Mansbridge.
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Thursday, April 21

A little ditty

Sometimes, after a night of good fun, while I'm washing up my vibrator(s), I like to hum a little song. It goes to the tune of Walzing Matilda: Washing my dildoes, washing my dildoes, washing my dildoes, my dildoes tonight...

Now you can sing along!
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Monday, April 18

sometimes I feel like the company I work for is a bit of a scam...
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Sunday, April 17

Beautiful People Make Me Horny

We watched After the Sunset (with Salma Hayek and Pierce Brosnan) last night. It was a fun movie about a diamon thief, set in Nassau. That meant lovely scenery, scantily clad ladies, sexy accents (well, Ms. Hayek and Mr. Brosnan brought their accents with them to the Bahamas) and beautiful people. That movie, coupled with the perfect day I'd had, made bedtime very interesting.

My husband was working on a puzzle, but I couldn't wait for him to put it away, so I started by giving him some oral. I love it in the beginning when he's not yet hard and I suck on his whole cock. I like being able to make him hard, just using my mouth.

As I said, I was feeling amourous and adventurous. I ran and had a quick shower and came back for some oral (for me this time.) I'm lucky because my husband loves it when I kneel over his face, giving him a good view and a good tongue position. I'd move my hips around letting him know what felt good - he was going from stem to stern and it certainly felt good! For some reason, my clit was super sensitive (could it be that I was really turned on?) so I kind of guided him more to my vagina and even, at one point, my ass. He's so good and wonderful, I know that he enjoys me, so I don't mind requesting things in bed (now at least, not too long ago it was a different story. But that's a different post.)

It kind of gets a little blurry from there, a veritable frenzy of fucking. At one point I was on top of him, rubbing myself against him and we put our butt plug in. It was definitely an ass night, I had known that from the beginning. The sensation of him inside me, and the plug, was simply amazing. The plug may have been guiding his penis (there is only so much room in a woman, after all) into hitting exactly the right spot inside me. I was absolutely loving it, just on the brink of orgasm for such a long time, but didn't end up coming like that...

When I got on my hands and knees, that's when I came. It didn't take to long with my husband thrusting from behind (my vagina, not my ass... don't get ahead of me here!) and my vibrator going on my clit that I burst into orgasm. I enjoyed that for a while, my husband still moving in and out of me, but we weren't through yet.

(Long post, I know. Read/don't read, it's up to you. My fun was in the doing, and now in the reliving!)

Anyway, we had talked a while ago about anal sex, with me on top. I've gotten to really enjoy being on top for normal sex, but the angle is really different here. We tried it in a couple ways, me leaning forward over him, me laying backwards hands behind me (that was athletic, I'll tell you, but throroughly delightful!) and then going back to face to face again. Anal sex, when I'm into it, gives me goosebumps. It is such a mix of feelings: erotic, intimate, feels damn good, a little scary too, breaking taboos... it's just amazing. My darling husband, who had been letting me call the shots all night, asked me how I wanted him to come.

It's a funny thing when he asks me questions, "what's next," "how will we do that," "what do you want," I usually don't know how to answer. Last night there was no hesitation. I wanted more ass fucking, then I wanted him to come on my belly. Ever obliging, we did exactly that. It got to the point when I really, really wanted to see my husband come - I wanted to see his semen on me and I wanted to see the pleasure of it on his face. I lay on my back with him between my legs, he masturbated himself to climax (it didn't take long - in fact, I don't know how he'd waited as long as he did! Master of control, he is...) and I was absolutely, 100% satisfied.

What a great lovemaking. The perfect end to a perfect day.
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Saturday, April 16

I gave my husband oral last night. We'd had some especially disappointing news yesterday and both of us were feeling down. I was also feeling tired from a long day at work, so that added to disappointment, I just wanted to sleep. My husband needed some lovin' though, so he lay on his back and I put his penis in my mouth. I'll admit, I started a bit reluctantly, but as I got into it I remembered how much I love doing this for him. His penis fits just perfectly in my mouth, and it's such a loving, erotic, wonderful thing to do. Not to mention that he's very appreciative. I'm rather inexperienced (or was, before him) but I've learned what he likes, and he likes it deep. The more oral I give him, the better I learn how to really please him. He likes it when I go really deep, pretty well bumping my nose/chin (depending on position) against his balls. He also likes it when I used my hands as well, massaging his balls or touching that spot right before his ass.

Last night, I was able to go really deep. I suppose I was at a good angle, but his penis spent most of it's time in the back of my throat. I used my figers too, like an O around the base of his penis (there's still an inconquerable inch I can't get to with my lips!) and applied a little pressure so he knew I was there. I was feeling so emotional, so much love for him, so in love with him, I started to cry. I don't think he noticed, but there I was, tears falling on his pubic hair, crying because I love him so much and he was so sad from the day. Needless to say, I did my very best to make him happy, and I really enjoyed myself doing it. The tears didn't last long, I got them out and over with before he climaxed. His orgasm was so lovely to witness, he was clutching my back, making me feel like he wanted to hold me there forever, muscles clenched in his legs and stomach, thrusting up towards me. It was wonderful when he finally released, I swallowed as quickly as I could, so as not to miss any. I like swallowing, because it's such a physical feeling, having him inside of me. He was still really deep at this point, so most of it went down my throat without me even noticing. I crawled up beside him and held him for a while. Then he went to clean off a little (no one likes a sticky penis!) and came back to bed. We snuggled each other to sleep. It was really nice.
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Friday, April 15

The Danger of Dressing in the Dark

A funny thing happened yesterday. I looked down at my shirt around noon and saw a mysterious stain. This was noon, I had been wearing the shirt all day. The stain was fairly obvious, not distractingly obvious, but noticeable. The part I can't tell regular people was that it was a lube stain!! That's right, my husband and I had a night of half-dressed, unbridled passion a while back and, although the shirt had been laundered, the lube had not washed away! I kind of grinned to myself for the day, knowing that I had a secret that they didn't know.

Lubricant is wonderful. I'm not knocking it. We go through gallons of it and it makes our sex really fun (and adventurous!). I would gladly sacrifice most of my wardrobe and bedsheets for it. However, is there another way? Anyone know any laundry tricks to get the lube stains of clothing? The waterbased stuff (AstroGlide) is fine, it's the silicon lube (Eros, Pjur) that really makes a mark.
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Tuesday, April 12

Right now

Right now I'm working on my blog and webpage, when I'd much rather be having sex with my husband. You'll excuse the short post...
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Sick of sick

My husband is sick and it's no fun. He's been really sick for well over a week, and before that he was just ill. (sore throat etc. Nothing fatal, but enough to take the fun out of things) That's no secret, I could publish that on our family web page... The part I can't tell regular people is that I'm sick of it. I woke up early with him today (trip to the clinic) and, instead of being the gentle and caring, I was cranky that I was losing sleep. Same as last night, he was very awake, talking about all sorts of things, and I, knowing an early morning was fast approaching, just wanted to sleep. I'm not always the best wife... I'm glad he loves me anyway.

To top it off, I feel a tightening in my chest and a tickle in my throat. He better get better soon, I feel it won't be long before he has a sick wife to nurse.
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Sunday, April 10

Not for me, thanks!

Just spent an afternoon skating, eating pizza, playing Operation... it was quite delightful, actually. My husband and I went out with a friend and her 6 yr old daughter. Daughter's nice, but it's non-stop chatter and activity. She's pretty spoiled, she does what she wants for the most part, and talks your ear off while she does it. Not for me thanks. Spending an afternoon with a 6 yr old has reinforced my feelings toward being childfree. I don't deny that I'll be missing out on my child's adoration, sweet kisses and cute lisp, but I'll also be gaining: a silent moment now and then, a floor with no plastic toys to step on, a full night's sleep, an afternoon that doesn't end in a tantrum...

Blessings that I was born in an age where I have this choice. I wouldn't have been a very good mom anyway, but I make a very good Auntie.
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Saturday, April 9

What Martha Stewart Wouldn't Tell You

Tidying the house is much more palatable after a rum and coke.
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Why I think I may be a bit of an Exhibitionist

  • For the most part, at any given time of any given day, I'd rather be naked
  • I don't often fantasize, but when I do, we're outside: on the water, on the grass, in the woods, on a beach...
  • I love it when my husband, the eternal student and ever curious, studies my white bits with that intensity he has
  • I like to be on top so he can see me enjoying him
  • I feel good when he watches me masterbate
  • I write this blog
  • I'm still not completly sure our curtains are 100% opaque, but we'll often have fun on the couch
  • Some of the best sex I've ever had was in a room with 3 windows, no curtains

PS - I first wrote this entry in my head, laying in bed, masterbating, listening to my husband sleeping

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Friday, April 8

Easy, Breezy lovin'

Yesterday was pretty well a good day from top to bottom. I'd been feeling a little under the weather for the beginning of the week. Nothing specific (or radical enough to merit a day off work), just general tired, whiny, grumpy, yucky feeling. (Like PMS without the Menstrual). Anyway, yesterday I woke up with energy. It was such a change from the days previous, I was a little surprised. It lasted all day, work was fine, I picked my husband up from his job, cleaned up, cooked dinner, did the dishes and still had energy to spare! By this time, I was ready to get naked. My poor husband, though, has a terrible cold he's dealing with (for you Canadians, he sounds like CBC jazz guy Ross Porter!) and was a little lacking in the enthusiasm. I think he saw that I was raring to go, and perked up a little.

Needless to say, it didn't take long for us to get to bed. We had a quick shower to freshen up and I started giving him oral. It was so pleasant and enjoyable I could have done that for ages. It wasn't long before he was giving me some too, 69 being our favourite number. By then, I wanted him so bad I couldn't wait, I positioned myself on top of him and enjoyed feeling him inside. It was lovely. I was so relaxed and enjoying myself. No pressure, just fun. I was also terribly turned on by him: his smell, his look, his words... I was on the brink of orgasm for ages before I finally came. Funny thing, usually when it comes to that "brink of orgasm" stage I get stressed: what if I don't climax? I'll be disappointed. He'll be disappointed. We'll do it for too long and lose interest... But last night I didn't care. I was pretty sure I'd come and I was just having too much fun to care. Anyway, sure enough, I did climax. Splendidly. He was still inside me and could feel all my vaginal muscles tighten around him. I fucked him for a while, still really, really enjoying having him there.

My husband (ever sensible) was reluctanct to come inside me, since we never, ever want to have to face pregnancy. I lay down and he squatted over me (similar to the position we had been in before, just reversed m/f.) and I gave him an enthusiastic hand job. Mere minutes passed before he came all over me. I love seeing my husband come!!
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Tuesday, April 5

True Story

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved seeing her husband climax. She liked it when he came on her breasts, or her back, or her belly. One day they were fooling around; she was laying on the bed masterbating with a vibrator, and he was standing over her, watching her and masterbating himself. It was quite a frenzy of rubbing and buzzing and it wasn't long before the girl was very close to climax herself. All of a sudden, her husband, still standing, came to a climax. The plan (in the girl's mind, at least) was that when he came, he'd come all over her and she'd be able to see his expression and his pleasure, and feel it on her body. However, to everyone's surprise, he ejaculated right over her! He was so powerful, she got mere drips of him on her shoulder, the rest landed on the far side of the blankets, even the floor on the other side of the bed! The two were quite stunned at what had happened and got to giggling about it together. They cleaned up the sheets and snuggled long into the night.

PS- you see why I couldn't tell this story to regular people!
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Childfree (and loving it)

Every night at 12am,if you happen to be at our apartment, you'll hear my little alarm go off. This is my reminder to take my pill. I take it religiously. In the beginning, I didn't realise that you needed to take it around the same time every day, I would take it when I got up, be it 6am or noon. I'm glad I didn't get pregnant when I first got married. (I even forgot to take it the day after our wedding. Imagine getting pregnant your first time!)

Anyway, my husband and I don't plan on having children ever, so this pill ritual is very important. There are some good points about the pill, such as:
- 99% efficacy
- nothing to insert, roll on, take out or adjust
- partially subsidised by the government
- mainstream, no one really turns their head when they hear you're on the pill

However, I do not like messing with my hormones. I often feel like I'm betraying my body, which does such a good job on its own (by and large, at least. See here for it's betrayal of me!) I've researched more natural methods, but such is my desire to remain childfree, I wouldn't want to leave things to chance. Not to mention that my life is pretty irregular and measuring urine/spit samples daily isn't my cup of tea. And that the more fertile I am, the hornier I get!

Being in Canada, doctor's don't insert IUD's to women who have not yet had a child. I wouldn't want to use a barrier method, so I suppose pharmaceuticals are the best for me. Maybe when I'm thirty five they'll let me get my tubes tied...
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Monday, April 4

Note to all

The position described here, is very muscle intensive. I found that out this morning when my calves were bulging with over use. I suppose that's good for a body...
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Afternoon delight

We found a new position today. Two actually; variations on a theme, you might say. We'd had some devestating financial news yesterday, my husband had been sick, we were generally having a crummy weekend. My darling husband let me cuddle up and have a nap on his shoulder in the afternoon (isn't that what Sunday afternoons are for?) and we did general puttering about the house things. We decided, however, that before the grocery store closed we ought to go pick up a few things. My husband looked at me with that twinkle in his eye, "We have some time before the store closes..." It wasn't long before I was giving him some oral and in no time we were both naked. He lay down on the bed; he had taken a little movie of my mouth work with our digital camera. We watched the movie together, then deleted it (no one needs things like that floating around!) and kissed some. My poor husband has had a sore throat for the last few days, so I knew I wouldn't be getting any oral, so instead I grabbed the lube and hopped on top of him. We've had good times with that position in the past, so we grinded together for a while. Then, I had an idea (inspired by that movie we watched the other night) to turn around. So, there I was, with a great view of his penis entering me, looking at his well trimed pubic hair and his balls, thrusting up against me. He, on the other hand, had a great view of my ass, which he seems to enjoy.
Then, he suggested I kind of lay over him (I had been sitting/crouching before) with my back on him. Like a bridge, except he was supporting me. He had both his hands free, and he used them to full advantage, running them over my breasts, on my clit, all over. My legs had power enough to move up and down and it was delightful all over. I did keep asking him if he was ok, wouldn't it be tragic to die, suffocated as your wife is thrusting herself on your cock?
He came in that position; it was nice to feel him (he hasn't come in me for a while) and the whole thing was very arousing. He watched me masterbate with our C battery vibrator for a while, then his sleepy hormones kicked in and he snuggled up beside me. I was still buzzing away and as he dozed, I finally got off. Relief. I don't always come, but I do enjoy it when I do!
The end of this long story is that we were still able to pick up the groceries before the grocer's closed. Isn't that a happy ending?
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Sunday, April 3

Defy those male-centric products!

And another thing I can't tell regular people.... I've been indisposed this week. That time of the month that is dreaded when it comes, and feared when it's missed. About 3 years ago (right before I got married) I stumbled upon the best female device ever. It's a little rubber cup, inserted like a tampon, that's totally washable, reusable and comfortable. It was $50CAN when I bought it, but totally worth it. I wear it all the time (when I have my period, at least) and find it so much more convenient (and cheap!) than conventional feminine hygene products. Mine's called a Keeper and I think there's another out there called DivaCup (same concept, same company, I believe, but made of silicone instead of rubber). I checked with my doctor when I first started with it, she said she hadn't heard of it, but didn't know why it would be a problem, and would let me know if there were any health concerns. It's approved by Health Canada, and my doctor didn't warn me of anything so I just keep using it.
I don't really go in much for conspiracy theory, but for hundreds of years, men were in charge of products and marketing. They have no clue what would be good for a woman on her period. The tampon and pad industry must make tonnes of money, so of course they wouldn't want to give up what they have... I wish I could tell more people - try the Keeper, it's good, cheap and you don't have to head to the pharmacy month after month after month after month...
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Saturday, April 2

Image hosted by Photobucket.com This is a test of my picture insertion abilities.
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I guess it's time to admit it, I do like anal sex after all. It's a hard thing to admit - it's a pretty big taboo to cross: one's bum, and everything associated with it, is dirty, bad, dark, not really sexy at all. However, I think that may be one of the biggest turn ons of all. That my husband loves me enough to want to explore all of me is extremely erotic. That it feels good when he does is added bonus.
My husband had been working toward this for quite some time, he even bought me a little butt plug for our "fun." Although I enjoyed it when he would use it, I'd never dream of asking him for it - I wasn't completely sure he was comfortable with that area of me, or that I was even comfortable with me. But things progressed and my husband is so gentle, he made it intimate and erotic. He wasn't at all afraid of me, or put off by me or my body, which gives me more and more confidence in myself.
When I smoke that joint that night, my inhibitions were cast off and I really wanted his penis in my ass. Right from the get-go I told him that's where I wanted him to come. It's different, compared to P&V, fuller, deeper - it gives me goose-bumps. Anyway, we've officially added it to our repetoire.
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