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There are things that happen in life that I can't tell my friends and family about. However, a person can't keep everything inside!

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Random Things I Can't Tell Regular People

Saturday, April 30

Missionary - with modifications

Here was a thought I had last night: How the hell am I going to write about this on the blog?
Here was a thought that followed shortly after: Who cares - do it again, please!!!!!

I had had a huge week. I had stayed up late too many nights (yes, for more fun, so I can't really complain) but by Friday I was bushed. My husband had been looking at toys all day (inspired by Ed, Housewyfe, and his own desires) and had a few things to show me. We were thinking specifically of a remote vibrator, that I could wear in public. You may remember, I have exhibitionist tendencies, and I do like the idea of doing things (subtly) in public. However, I do have some reluctance to give up control over my body and my pleasure. How do I know he'll buzz me at good times? What if I don't like it and can't stop it?

We looked at a few shops together online, discussed the options and the possibilites and it wasn't long before I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. I got into my favourite pyjamas (ie nude) and snuggled into bed. I dozed... okay, I was out like a light in seconds, and my husband finished his browsing.

I woke up to my husband's wonderful face, bending over to kiss me. We made out for a long time. I had missed his kisses sooooo much while he'd been sick, but I think he's better now! Deep kissing, tongues and lips and teeth, it was beautiful. Although my body had woken up, my eyes were still tired and I kept them closed most of the time. I said to him at one point, I'm just going to keep my hands above my head tonight... he got the clue.

My amazing husband grabbed one of our scarves, kept in our toybox, and firmly secured my hands together above my head, as I lay on my back. It was perfectly comfortable, and perfectly divine. Wasn't long before the blindfold came out - might as well, my eyes were closed anyway! What's that I said earlier about relinquishing control? Here I was, blindfolded and without the use of my hands. And loving it.

My husband grabbed our lube and started rubbing it on my breasts. Eros is a great massage oil and he was using the perfect amount of pressure, quite firm, actually. His warm hands moved outwards from my breasts, massaging my chest, my belly, my underarms (which are super-sensitive!) Then he started on my thighs, moving down my legs to my feet, all the while with his warm, soft hands. Keep in mind, he hadn't even touched between my legs yet, but I was still wet all over. Then he started with the teasing.

Now, my eyes were blindfolded, so I couldn't tell what he'd be doing next. His fingers strayed to my inner thighs and gently over my pussy. He didn't go in, no nothing so satisfying as that, but would only brush his fingers over my pubic hair, teasing me terribly.

After that things get a little blurry. There was a penis in my mouth for a bit, there was his mouth, breathing on my pussy (but not licking!! arg!) and finally, after some pleading, there was touch on my clit, my lips, my slit, my ass. Finally! He didn't let me come, he was in dominant mode and wanted to be in control.

After asking some more, he finally fucked my pussy. I was so ready for it, I was so wet, so needing him inside me. He fucked me hard, I could feel him leaning over me, smell him on me, all senses heightened by the extended foreplay and the blindfold and bound arms. He must have grabbed the vibrator at one point, because all of a sudden my very being was vibrating. I have no idea how he managed it, but he was holding himself up, fucking me and using the vibrator. I could feel his breath on me, his sweat dripping on me, my thighs burning for more. I think it was then that I came, an explosive, loud orgasm. His mouth on mine to stifle my cries, his penis in me, filling me up.

After I came, I wanted more penis in vagina. I have this feeling after orgasm that I need him in me. I think that was ok with him (still not having come yet) and he thrust and thrust inside me. I could feel his penis growing stiffer as he was just about to come, which aroused me even more (if that's even possible) and soon he pulled out and exploded on my belly. I still couldn't see him, but his breathing, his smell, his being were right there for me to experience.

He lay down beside me, absolutely spent. He untied my blindfold and my arms, and we looked at each other. I, covered in his semen; he, covered in sweat. Both of us high on post-coital hormones...

Now, what was that again about my reluctance to relinquish control? Yeah, I talk big, but sometimes I just like to be fucked.
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I definitely recommend the remote control vibrator. To use it on Sue when she's walking down the street, or in a restaurant is incredibly sexy. We don't use it very often, but when we do it's fantastic.

Relinquish that control - you know you want to! :)

By Anonymous ed, at 8:21 p.m.  

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