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There are things that happen in life that I can't tell my friends and family about. However, a person can't keep everything inside!

Wife - daughter - employee - lover - writer - musician - sculpter - guilt hound - tea drinker - just another face in the crowd

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Random Things I Can't Tell Regular People

Thursday, June 30

Here's to you, Figleaf

Two naked bodies on a bed, sweaty and sleepy. His voice in the darkness, "Can I have a blowjob, to help me sleep?"
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Wednesday, June 29

We're not going to take it...

I forgot my pill last night. That meant I took it about 8 hrs late: this morning. (The good news is that it's a little harder to get pregnant with the kind of sex we've been having ;) I didn't even tell my husband (yet) I was so annoyed with myself and the faulty system. I've been on a waiting list for almost a year to get an appointment with a doctor. I had to go to a clinic to get my pills renewed, that doctor said the doctor I was waiting for was a specialist, if I just needed a family doctor I could see her colleague. Yippee!! That means a much shorter wait for an appointment (to call sometime in July).

I've made up my mind to talk to her about getting an IUD. I know some of you have one, and I know I've broached the topic before. I think it'd be way better than pills: longer lasting and not having to remember every day. My questions: What about spotting? was it annoying? Could you always feel it in place? (I'm a little nervous about it becoming disloged without my knowing it) Was it worth it for you? I'll ask my doctor all these questions (and more) but there's nothing like experience. Maybe I'll talk to my Mom, too. I think she had one for a while...
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Sunday, June 26

Lesson learned.

I've been a little horny this weekend. I masturbated a couple times earlier , and this afternoon as we lay down to watch the Simpsons in bed, I just couldn't resist him. We got going quickly (I wasn't wasting any time!) and I was soon on top. It was a sticky, sweaty, good time. I suggested we switch over to doggy style, (I wanted to use the vibrator and feel him nice and deep inside. As we did, I lubed up my behind, and got out the bum plug, just in case. I leaned over, waving my behind, wishing he were in it. I rubbed myself up and down with the vibrator as I felt him move all around my labia and my ass. Before I knew it, he was going in, and it was wonderful. For the record, penis is better than plug: it's a better texture, and a better size. Anyway, I just settled in to enjoy it, buzzing away with my vibrator. I used our "safe word" to let him know when to stop and when to proceed, and felt very much in control, although he was doing most of the controling. Whenever it hurt (or rather, whenever I thought it was going to hurt) I'd say the word, we'd backtrack a bit and as a result it was nothing but enjoyable. I buzzed, he thrust, it was anal sex at its best. I learned that bum fun doesn't need to be a big deal. It wasn't the closeness that made me want it today (although that was good.) And this afternoon, it wasn't the erotic aspect of exploring my nether regions that made my orgasm so divine. It was good, old fashioned fun.

What was even better, after I was getting through the aftershocks of my massive orgasm(s), he had already come and so things were starting to get a little sticky. My continued pleasure would force his juice out, and I was making some rather, unladylike noises. I just giggled and continued as my darling husband mopped up a bit. I think I've finally learned: sex can be messy, and that's ok! Yeah for fun sex!
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Guilt hound strikes again

Can't help but feel like I kind of wrecked our Saturday. It was a nice enough day: went to the park for a bit, cleaned up the house a bit. But I got bored and antsy and (I'll admit) a little grouchy. We only get one Saturday each week, but this one was wasted, my sour mood soon affected my husband, too. We didn't do anything interesting, just spent it hot and tired in our small apartment. I guess not every Saturday can be amazing, but I wish I hadn't ruined this one.
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Saturday, June 25

The Postmodern Courtesan said something that stuck with me today. She described a lady as a lovely if unspectacular woman. (She then proceeded to use a semi-colon. I love her writing.) I think that's how I can be described. I'm not sure if it's a good thing, or a bad thing.
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A beautiful thing

Being braless on a hot windy day is a beautiful thing.
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Tuesday, June 21

It happened again...

I've brought this issue up with my husband before. There are times when I would kind of like to have some fun in the bedroom, but I'm not sure how to request it. Before, my husband has said that if I want it enough, I won't care about how to approach the seduction. I'll admit, my libido is not the highest (or most reliable) but I do enjoy a good screw now and then. But things get in the way: bedtime, household chores, busy with other things... Yesterday, I had thought about how lovely it'd be to enjoy my husband in the evening. I pictured a slow, hard love-making session. Maybe some oral, but mainly just good old P&V. Then, I got home, had dinner, tidied and did some things on the computer. All of a sudden it was bedtime and I knew that for my husband to have a reasonable day, he had to get to bed at a good time. I hadn't even approached having some fun because I didn't want to start anything I couldn't finish. Because of my moderate libido, I didn't feel depraved (in fact, I enjoyed the long night's sleep!) but I'll admit, I did waste a good evening.

My fear: that he thinks I never want to have sex.

My response: I do want to have sex. I just don't want to disrupt a fun activity or ruin the next day. I guess we just need to learn to master the quickie, eh?
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Monday, June 20

Just because I haven't written lately, doesn't mean my live has been devoid of things I can't tell regular people. On Saturday night, my husband and I had the best anal sex. Together, lying on our sides, my legs closed to increase friction/pleasure, my finger rubbing myself vigorously and feeling my huband all around me and inside me was divine. I put my vibrator inside me and could feel it vibrating him, as well as me! That's an effecient vibrator. It was one of the first times that I actually fantasized about what would happen later. Usually I just go with the flow, enjoying what we're doing, but freezing of ideas when my husband asks "What do you want to do?" On Saturday afternoon, I wasn't able to come during the act, but imagined laying on my back, using my vibrator and having my husband watch me come. That small thought turned me on even more, and then when he came, I was in heaven. It took about 30 seconds with the vibrator before I climaxed. Delicious.

Just a note. Birdie so graciously wrote a post about anal sex. And Housewyfe has been dealing with it more and more. I'm most pleased - there's not enough information about these things! Reading that other women are enjoying it makes me feel less tense about the whole thing. It's awfully enjoyable after all, once my brain shuts up!
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Monday, June 13

Note to self:

Remember, anal sex is fun, and doesn't have to be scary. It feels good, especially when you tell your husband how you're feeling.
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Saturday, June 11

So, here's what's nice:

When you're kneeling over your husband's mouth, and he's doing his tongue thing all over your clit, driving you wild, and you reach back behind you and feel your own pussy with your fingers. It's warm, wet and obviously aroused. It feels good for the fingers. But even more, it feels good for the pussy - to have just that little bit of extra stimulation, to have something inside while your clit is going mad with enjoyment.

And here's another thing that's nice. When your husband, ever aware of your enjoyment of backdoor pleasure, but knowing your hesitation, uses his fingers to touch around your bum. Sometimes in, but generally just being there.

And here's another thing that's really, really nice. A hot summer day, hotter than any day yet this year. Going outside and really melting. Then, coming inside to an air conditioned bedroom, knowing there's nothing on the schedule all evening, and making love for hours. That's really nice.
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A few Random Things

  1. I don't wear deodorant anymore, ever. But I was addicted to the stuff in highschool.
  2. One of my greatest fears was being stuck my whole life in the town I grew up in (I don't live there now).
  3. I never want to be thought of as lazy, although most days I'd like to watch talk shows and eat bonbons the whole day.
  4. I have always wanted to be a dancer.
  5. My favourite state of being is nude.
  6. I no longer feel intimidated/shy/scared/embarresed talking to people I hardly know.
  7. I have always wanted to have sex in a public (but secluded) place.
  8. My favourite postition (emotionally) is missionary.
  9. My favourite position (physically) is with me on top.
  10. I have never kissed any man on the lips but my husband (and my dad when I was a tot.)
  11. I have never skinny dipped, but I would give my eye teeth to have the opportunity.
  12. Sometimes farts happen during sex.
  13. I feel guilty everytime I pass a homeless person, but I never give them any money.
  14. Hearing a shrieking child gives me a feeling of great relief. Having consciously decided to be childfree makes my future seem hopeful.
  15. I feel a tiny bit superior for having eloped. I think it was the best decision of our married life to date.
  16. Although I wouldn't want to have sex with one, I do enjoy pictures of naked ladies.
  17. My mother would likely disown me if she ever found this blog.
  18. Sometimes I get so enthusiastic giving oral sex, I end up with semen up my nose
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Thursday, June 9

Funny thing is...

Sometimes I'll check my blog to see what's new, and am disappointed that there's nothing... Right, I need to write the posts.
Problem with that is that there's not much going on. I suppose I'm suffering a libido slump. Which stinks because nowadays my husband and I go to bed at the same time, and there's ample opportunity, and my husband is randier than ever. We talk a lot though, which I love. And all romance begins with the mouth, doesn't it?
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Sunday, June 5

As a strange prelude to last night's oral sex, my husband and I discussed his former girlfriends. I like hearing about his life before me for various reasons: 1)it makes me feel superior since I'm the one who got to keep him. 2) he has more experience than I do so I get to live vicariously through him. We talked (not just about that, but a lot of things) until the wee hours of the morning. He knew I was a little sleepy and said at one point, "You know, if you'd just given me oral, I'd be fast asleep by now." That got me to thinking - especially about the time a while ago that I gave him a blow job on the bus. It wasn't long before I went down on him, and did my best to relive that memorable, exciting moment. He was enjoying it, it was obvious, as was I. (You may remember, I do love giving my husband oral!).

He suggested I turn around so he could give me some tongue lovin' too, but I hesitated. I get very distracted when getting oral, and I wanted to give him a really good job. I acquiesced though, knowing that he enjoys giving it almost as much as I do. It was funny, I know he likes to pleasure me, but when I moved into traditional 69ing position, his cock got stiffer right away. He does enjoy it! He reminded me there was no pressure, I didn't have to climax (I sometimes have self-imposed pressure to orgasm), so I just relaxed and enjoyed it. Giving oral is nice, but sharing oral sex is better. Anyway, we enjoyed each other's bodies, he came deep in my mouth, we both slept very, very well. I love late Saturday nights.
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Saturday, June 4

Coitus Interruptus

Last night, we were joyfully engaging in some adult fun when our pets (two furry little bundles of energy) started making a racket. We were into some pretty heavy bum fun, and we ignored the pets as much as possible, but soon it became just impossible. Still not sure what they were doing, but it was loud and potentially destructive, and I didn't want them wrecking our house. So there we were, naked, sweaty, horny, trying to usher our pets back to their cages. Finally they were settled and we headed back to the bedroom.

Alas, the mood was broken, and I just couldn't get into the ass-action any more. My husband had cleaned off a bit amidst all the hubbub, and we settled into some nice, vaginal, girl on top, love-making. As we settled in, I realised a few things: Anal sex is exotic. It's good, and it has some real good potential, but I think my husband likes it more than I do. Vagina sex is good. It feels so natural and right and it may not always bring on the enormous orgasms, but it's extremely high on the comfort factor.

I'm willing to engage in anal sex, my husband, just let's not forget my vagina. Okay?
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Thursday, June 2

Emergency Pantie Day

My clients may not get the best service today. I may be a titch distracted. I may have to excuse myself to the loo a little more than usual. I haven't done laundry in over 14 days, and I'm reduced to my emergency panties. They're cute, but they ride and bunch and slip and generally make a nuisance of themselves. It's good motivation to get that laundry done...
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