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There are things that happen in life that I can't tell my friends and family about. However, a person can't keep everything inside!

Wife - daughter - employee - lover - writer - musician - sculpter - guilt hound - tea drinker - just another face in the crowd

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Random Things I Can't Tell Regular People

Saturday, July 30

Brain sex

Last night was a new kind of encounter last night. My husband lay beside me, hinting that he wouldn't mind some action before sleeping. I knew what he was hinting at, but just didn't have the energy required for him on his back, me doing pushups over him, giving oral. (I must say, my back and arms have never been stronger since our marriage!) So, he lay there masterbating, and I beside him, listening to him talk his horny talk. The more we talked, the more aroused I became. Soon I found my own fingers touching my girlie bits. I like it very much when sex starts with my brain. We discussed threesomes (interesting to think of, but I don't think we're cut out to do it in real life), our favourite places for him to come, being outside (one of my favourite sex thoughts) and lots more.

Soon he was kneeling over me, I still fingering myself, him rubbing himself right over my chest. I love that position, I can see all of him, feel him around my arms, and smell his wonderful man-smell. All the while we kept talking, and I could control my arousal with my thoughts. He reached behind him to do the touching of me, and I pulled my arms up to use my hands on him. When I'd think of something especially sexy (the time he gave me oral on the park bench, or when he tied me up one time) I would feel myself almost coming.

Some highlights, so I remember and so he does too:
- My husband presenting his balls right up to my face so I could put my mouth all over them. And him seeming to enjoy it almost as much as I did when I sucked on them.
- Talking, talking, talking, about our fantasies, things we like and things we really like. (And knowing we would be moving some of them back up our list of Things We Like to Do Together... and where is that blue rope of ours?)
- The moment he first reached back and replaced my fingers with his and started pleasuring me.
- His coming on me, my lapping his come and feeling him on me.
- The pleasant aftershocks after my own orgasm.

Something I said, in our frenzy of side by side self-love, Masterbation is a thousand times more fun when doing it with you. How true it is.
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Sunday, July 24

Real life sex

Last night was evidence that great sex doesn't happen every single time a penis and a vagina get together. I was feeling amorous, my husband had admitted he was horny all day, but the fates were against us. I was trying to take the initiative, it started well enough. But while giving oral, his penis when tooooo far and made me gag. A little gag is ok, but this was a big one and that was the end of oral. Then, the plug didn't feel as comfortable as usual, the lube got sticky and crunchy, and one of us had bad breath. That was the end of that. No bum fun, like I'd hoped, a few good thrusts, but no orgasms for anyone.

I'll admit I felt a little bad as I was cleaning up in the bathroom after. Rejected and disappointed were the words that crossed my mind. I knew this would pass, but I felt bad that I couldn't satisfy a horny man who loves me. Not to mention that I had been hoping for an earth shattering orgasm.

Anyway, he went to his computer and I slept on the couch (to be a little nearer to him.) There was nothing to make a big deal out of since I knew we'd be having fun again, but I don't like it when sex goes bad. Anyway, this morning has come, I know my husband loves me and I, most certainly, love him. Life goes on after real life sex.
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Friday, July 22

Ain't no fakers here!

Last night I was hinting around with my husband that we needed to fool around. Often when I do this, I don't have the chutzpah to see it through, but last night I wanted him pretty badly. So when he finally came to bed, I eyed him up and asked permission to give him oral. He, being himself, granted access and the fun began.

I was enjoying myself quite a bit, mouth around his penis. He reached around and started playing with my bits, especially, (and enjoyably) my rosebud. It's so wonderful the way that the second he starts playing with me, his penis goes harder and longer right away. I love the confirmation that he enjoys my body.

He was looking for some backdoor action (since my vagina is out of commission this week.) But I just didn't feel right about it. I enjoyed the finger play, but I didn't want to do the anal thing. I was pretty adamant about it so we did other things. He knelt over me and masterbated while I, laying on my back, did my thing with a vibrator. It's the greatest thing, watching him over me. I have a great view of his bits, his body and his face and I love it. I was getting fairly turned on at this point, buzzing away.

Feelings peaked and he came all over my chest and neck, which made my feelings peak even higher. It was at this point, feeling my own body enjoying its pleasure, watching my husband climaxing that I considered faking. I thought how picture-perfect it would be for us to come together. I was peaking anway (not a full-fledged orgasm, but definitely a high point of pleasure) and could just moan a little more, sigh a little deeper and then we could snuggle together. But, number one rule in this house is no faking. This rule has been established here since the dawn of time, and it's taken pretty seriously. Knowing this, watching my husband climax, I knew that I ought to just enjoy it, since I didn't need to put on the oh-I'm-coming-I'm-coming show. And I did enjoy it.

Not faking is freeing and I love my husband for being who he is. I enjoyed his orgasm all over me, then, with a huge grin on my face finished myself off with a vibrator. It took longer than I would have liked, but I did have an orgasm, and it was all thanks to not faking earlier.

I tried to explain to my husband why I was smiling so widely in my post-orgasmic bliss, but I mainly just got out, I love you sooooo much. You are such a great husband. I didn't fake and I love you sooooo much. Which, although true, is not very coherent. So, up comes blogger this morning so I can explain to myself and to him (and to you, I suppose, dear reader) why I had such a very nice time, naked with my husband last night.
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Wednesday, July 20


I realised something today. I am no longer afraid of being stuck my whole life, living in the town I grew up in. All through High School, and all through University I had this dread that I would end up living in my home town. Since then, I've lived in different cities, different provinces, spoken different languages and met lots of people. If circumstances changed (heaven forbid!) and I were forced to live in my hometown again, I wouldn't fear it. That makes me feel good. (But, I'm still grateful I got out when I did!!)
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Monday, July 18

Nibbley toes.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I walk a lot and my feet take a beating. As a result, I consider my feet one of my least attractive body parts. My husband recently took some pictures of my feet which make me look beautiful. Seeing myself through my husband's eyes always makes me feel so good. It is nice to be loved.
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Saturday, July 16

Au Natural

Yesterday, I found myself feeling a little amorous. I got home before my husband and had some time to kill before he got home. I found myself reading blogs, looking at pictures, I even got out the vibrators for a quick go before he came home. By the time he got home my body was a little more manageable, but only barely. When we went out to dinner, I went pantie-free, just because it was one of those days.

I didn't mention my brazenness to him until we were almost home. I could tell he liked the thought of my going commando, and neither one of us could resist the beckoning of the dark benches in the park nearby our house. I don't have many fantasies in my repetoire, but doing it outside is one of the big ones. There we sat, listening for approaching footsteps, his hand up my skirt, my pussy feeling the night air. That was arousing, I'll tell you!

Sooner than we liked, we heard footsteps in the distance and decided to go home - my clothes were begging to be removed anyway. (However, on another night, there is a very dark portion of the park that may just work for a night-time tryst!) I was really wet by this point, and my husband sporting a delightful hard-on. We made it as far as the kitchen before I was naked and kneeling in front of him for some delicious fellatio.

Things progressed to the bedroom, clothing was shed along the way. It had been a long time (at least it felt like ages) since our last time together, so this intimacy was welcome. He gave me oral for my first orgasm, we switched around, pleasuring each other and remembering how great cock feels in pussy, enjoying each other's bodies. I came again while succombing to his tongue, and found out later that I'd nearly suffocated him in my pleasure.

I had my mind set against bum fun last night, I just wanted good, old fashioned lovin'. With some discussion, and stratigically placed fingers, my husband reminded me that bum fun can be good lovin'. I hopped on top and enjoyed him inside my third orifice for the evening.

Finally, when time came for him to come, I wiggled underneath him, so he could kneel over me, letting me witness his enjoyment. He used his hands, I placed mine all over him (even in him!) and watched his excitement build. He came all over my chest, just like I'd been hoping to see.

By this time we were exhausted, cleaned ourselves up while half dizzy with sleepiness and fell into our bed. The afterglow lasted well into today.
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Friday, July 15

Where the sidewalk ends

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis is how I've been feeling lately. In recent months and years, it seems that there was a natural progression of where life was going. After highschool was university; when my best friend and I didn't want to be apart anymore, we got married; when it was his dream to study at a prestigious university, that's where we went. Inevitably, there were decisions, but they seemed obvious - just following the sidewalk. But now, the sidewalk has ended and I don't know where to go. There are so many options to choose from, I feel a little lost.
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Thursday, July 14

Today, I did something I've never done before...

I cried on the phone, while talking to a client.
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Monday, July 11

The wife's new haircut

First things first. I got a hair cut which makes giving my husband oral a lot easier (short hair = better blowjob). But when people at work comment on the new 'do, I'll just have to say, Oh, yes, it's much cooler for the summer.

Now for more detail...

There was an expectant silence last night as my husband and I were awaiting sleep. He shifted in just a particular way that let me know that he was having trouble falling asleep, that he maybe would like some mouth on his penis. Or, maybe that was just what I wanted his shifting to mean. Regardless, without prelude (in my mind he'd already asked and was expecting it anyway!) I scooted around and took him in my mouth. If he had been so bold as to ask for a blowjob with his blatant telepathy, I was going to take advantage - I made sure my girly bits were within licking distance and happily complied with his wishes.

Now my husband and I are extremely compatible, and alike in many way. However, our torsos are different sizes. That means when I'm taking him deep in my mouth in our 69 position, he can't reach my goodies. I would move my body to accomadate and it actually worked quite well - away, nice deep penis; close, happy clit. Being on top, I got to set the pace and got a fairly enjoyable rhythm going. Then, out of nowhere, he tilted his hips and presto! he was exactly within distance, and I was still being well taken care of.

Long and the short of it is, a delightful evening of pleasure, although we stayed up much too late. I've been having orgasm issues lately and I didn't actually come, but I did enjoy myself a lot. And him? he still tastes delicious.
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Sunday, July 10

No, she's not dead

It has been a while, but my motivation for this blog was guilt-free amusement for myself: If I didn't want to write one day, I didn't write. That doesn't mean that nothing's been happening in the wife's life!

Last night was my third experimentation with pot - another success, I would say. It makes me so horny, needing to touch my husband and feel him touch me. It was delicious. I had waves of orgasms while he was using his tongue (hands? it's all a blur) and finally the one Big O I had been craving for days. Then, feeling him inside me was just what the doctor ordered. Everytime he'd thrust, or I'd thrust, or we'd thrust together, streaks of goodness shot out from my pussy, through my clit, all the way to the top of my head. Oh, it was divine.

Then, still a little under the influence, we settled down to sleep. The things I saw while drifting off!

Another unmitigated succes.
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Saturday, July 2

I want to be somebody exciting.
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