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There are things that happen in life that I can't tell my friends and family about. However, a person can't keep everything inside!

Wife - daughter - employee - lover - writer - musician - sculpter - guilt hound - tea drinker - just another face in the crowd

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Random Things I Can't Tell Regular People

Monday, October 31

So we were watching Bewitched last night.

We were snuggled together on the bed, having just enjoyed some Chinese food. We were contented and comfortable. And naked. The movie was cute enough had some funny bits but I knew I wanted some lovin' before we had to face another busy work week. We decided to multi-task.

First: reverse cow-girl. Technically, I could still see the tv, but when faced with the choice of watching Nicole Kidman or watching my husband enter me and seeing myself rubbing my clit on his balls... let's just admit that although Nicole's cute, she's no competition with P&V.

Second: doggie style. Again, I could still see the tv, but the view was even better in this position. I could arch my back and kiss my husband or look down and see the actual penetration. Mmmm. Will Ferrell? who?

Third: forget the tv, I want some bum fun! I scrambled on top and we fucked like there was no tomorrow. I was extremely wet and enjoying myself a lot.

In the end, there was a phenominally large orgasm and a wife who really, really enjoyed watching it. I didn't come but my vicarious enjoyment was immense. However, I have no idea how the movie ended. I can only assume Elizabeth and Jack ended up together, but how??? Bah, movies can be rewound, sex should be taken advantage of whenever possible.
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Friday, October 28

I'm embarrased to admit it. I'm considering jumping on the illegal bandwagon and downloading some music/audiobooks for my new mp3 player. It goes against everything I believe. It is, fundametally, theft. And it's so friggin' easy that I know within a week I'll be justifying it to myself and downloading without a thought, which is the worst part of all.

I wish I could live up to my ideals.
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Tuesday, October 25


What to call this post? I could call it Mastering the Quickie or Non-sexual Erogenous Aones or Whooo baby, 69 is where it's at!. I'd been haranguing my husband all weekend about having sex and we did, and it was delightful, but it was just once. We hadn't for the whole week before and I didn't realise it affected me so much but I wanted more, more, more! I was determined not to let this work week pass without a few more intimate moments.

Last night, we watched bits and pieces of a porno movie (shot in High Definition, of all things!!). The movie was lame, but the scenery was fantastic and it provided some pretty good imagination fodder for the bedroom.

My husband has to go to bed at a pretty good hour to be able to function the following day, so as we lay side by side I knew I couldn't waste much time. He initiated, but I didn't try and talk him out of it. Because my hands were cold, I could only use my mouth. Heheh, poor me. I love giving oral and it wasn't long before he invited me to give him access to my girly bits.

About those Non-sexual Erogenous Zones. Once long ago when we were experimenting with our blue rope, I found out that my underarms are really, really sensitive. Used in the right way they give me goosebumps when touched. Similarly, somewhere in my brain my waist (just an inch above my hips) is linked to good, sexy feelings. And last night I found another: where my bum meets my thigh. Last night when my husband was doing his magic down there, a stray finger (and I think he must have about twenty!) planted itself on that exact area. I gasped when I felt it there, the feeling was so strong. I know it was an accident, but it just linked every part of my body together - the incredibly focused sex feelings between my legs networked with the all over goodness of the rest of my skin cells and magnified all those good feelings I was having. Perhaps I glowed as a result, I'm not sure.

Because things were working so well, I was able to come and it was delightful. (What finally tipped me over the edge was imagining spreading my legs for him in that magnificent High Definition Mountainous Waterfall landscape we'd seen earlier. I'm a sucker for outdoor fantasies.) I must give it to my husband, he's got tenacity. Maybe he works out his jaw and tongue, but he was very, very enthusiastic last night for long periods of uninterupted time. It worked for me and I had the best orgasm I've had in weeks. As I was still enjoying the orgasmic aftershocks he came quite fiercely and then we snuggled up together to sleep. Only a half hour late for bedtime, we're definitely improving on our quickies. But I would say more practice is needed. Frequent practice.
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Thursday, October 20

bring your sex toys to work day.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWithout thinking, I picked up my package at the Post Office on my way to work. This means that I sat all day at my desk, knowing I had a sex toy in my bag. If that doesn't put a smile on your face for a long day of work, I don't know what would.

My husband picked me up after work, so we got to have a look at our Smartballs at the local burger joint. They're so innocuous (for a sex toy, at least!) I don't think anyone noticed. It wasn't until about 10 minutes ago that we got home and I finally got to put them in.

A note about Fun Factory. They're great. Their sex toys are bright and cute and not at all sleazy. But they're awfully hard to find. I bought my Smartballs at www.seduction.ca, but I had to do quite a bit of researching to find an online store in Canada for them!

Anyway, about the Smartballs themselves. They've only been in for a short amount of time so far, but I wouldn't say they're exactly uber-stimulating. I can feel them if I rock my hips back and forth, but kind of only then. There is that comforting fullness of having something inside me, of which I am always a fan. I didn't expect much of them, so I'm not disappointed. For some reason, love balls was just something I've always wanted to have in my toy box. Even though they won't bring me to climax, I'm glad I have them.
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Smart Balls

Today, I go to the Post Office to pick up my FunFactory Smart Balls. A gift from me. I hope they're as fun as I think they will be - I'll let you know!
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Tuesday, October 18


Inky? Hello? It's almost humpfuck day. Your 1 year anniversary, remember? I hope it's just a glitch, I can't find your blog...
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Friday, October 14

La belle fin de semaine

I am totally stoked about this weekend. I don't use the word stoked very often (ever?) so this must be something special. I've been blue pretty well all week for a number of reasons (none of them anything in particular, just general malaise) but today, finally, the tide turned and my optimism returned. I missed my husband painfully this morning on my way to work, now I get to spend two full days with him. I think I may finally be done my Week of Womanhood, so we'll be up for some great nookie.

On a side note: I have never been much for role playing. I think I'd find it silly and laugh my way through my act. This is the first example I ever thought might actually be fun to giggle through together.

Also: I wouldn't mind getting the blue rope out this weekend, my husband. What do you think?
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Thursday, October 13

woe is me

I have not had my period for a full week since I was 13. I started last week on Friday (5 days early, as you heard me complain earlier) and am still having to wear my Keeper. Running was supposed to turn my system into a well-oiled, super efficient machine. So far, it's mainly just messed up my hormones and made me bleed for a week. ugh.
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Tuesday, October 11

positive indicator

You know it's going to be a good day when you find splooge in your belly button, left over after cleaning up from the night before, and all the good memories come flooding back.
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Monday, October 10


I'm the first one to admit it, masterbating isn't usually my thing. When I was younger (ie, still in high school) I did it quite frequently, and with pleasing results. But, since then I've kind of tapered off the self-love. I don't always come when I do do it, and if I do, it's not usually a very satisfying O.

Today was, as I mentioned, a lazy day. I've been working on a project throughout the day and when I take breaks from that, I've been masterbating. My husband (and sex therapist) says I should masterbate more, that it'll help with my orgasms. Ok, let's test the theory. So far today I've come 3 times. Sure enough, the third time was the easiest to achieve, and the most satisfying.

It adds a dimension of interest that my husband (also vegging out today) has been in the same room for most of the orgasms. I don't think he noticed....
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Come, ye thankful people, come.

It's Canadian Thanksgiving today and both my husband and I are home from work. We've already done all the weekend chores, which means today is a day to totally veg out. I started my period about 5 days early (which for me, Ms. Regular, was a little off-putting!) so we've been waiting for some skin time for quite a while. We've been talking about him coming inside me (who knows where!), using a vibrator more directly involved in our bum fun and lots of other good stuff. It all began with a wake-up blow job for him this morning - hopefully many more orgasms to follow.

Peope at work on Tuesday: So, did you do anything on the long weekend?
The Wife: Mostly stayed at home and got caught up on some things on the To-Do list.

(wink, wink)
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Friday, October 7

Dear Housewyfe

It was inevitable, and we could see that the end was coming, but it's still sad. I read every single one of your posts from the very beginning and laughed and cried (often in same post.) It's funny isn't it? I don't know what colour your eyes are, or what you like in your coffee (do you drink coffee?) but I still feel like I know you quite well through your writing. You are witty and intelligent and courageous and definitely an inspiration to a young wife like myself. You've made me take a second look at the women around me, and maybe try to get to know them a little deeper. Thanks for sharing a slice with us, please drop in from time to time.

Wishing you all the best,
The Wife.
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I just realised I broke my cardinal rule of writing in my blog for me only. I wrote a letter to Housewyfe, which technically was for her. But maybe it was for me, too. I think I'm beginning to admit that bloggers and blogging is affecting me. It's a little odd, being affected by people you've never met...
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Wednesday, October 5

"sorry" is not sexy

As an admitted guilt hound, I'm often struck by the urge to apologise. For everything. I'd like to apologize for:
  • not initiating sex enough
  • not having enough orgasms
  • being too tired, too much of the time
  • not having the energy to be fun after work
  • crying before/during/after sex

Now, I know that my husband loves me, and I know that these urges to apologise are mainly irrational. I know that if I come, if I don't come, having a good time is the important thing. Above all, I know that "sorry" is not sexy. I hold in these apologies because I know that they're unnecessary and unnerving. They are annoying to me, I can't imagine my dear husband having to put up with them all the time. I sure am glad I'm loved.
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Monday, October 3

newsflash: I have a libido!

Wonder of wonders, I've felt myself developing a sex drive. Now, I've enjoyed a good romp in the hay, but lately (seems like the last couple years) I haven't had the go-get-'em to actually want it, and feel like it was worth sleep loss and sore muscles to get it. However, this past week or two I've been wanting it more and more. Weekend past I instigated The Act with my husband a couple times, but I think my watershed moment was last night.

My husband asked for a little lovin' before he had to go to sleep. I was more than ready to oblige (no difference here, I've always loved pleasuring him). It was late so I knew that it'd be a real quicky, and I didn't want too keep him up waiting for my ever-so-slow orgasm. But, and here's the cool part, I was totally turned on. I was fantasizing while giving him a hand job, we talked about different things, and even when he'd finished and was drifting off to sleep, I kept wanking!

I was totally wet after his hand job, and my brain was stuck on fantasy mode. I don't really masterbate too much and I don't really fantasy much either. But last night, I kept picturing lying there with my legs open, my husband's probing eyes and fingers and I enjoyed myself so much...

No, I didn't come but that's not the point. I tried to be quiet and still, but my interest in sex was more than my disinclination to inconvenience. I just kept wanking away, until I got sleepy and fell asleep.

I don't think it's probably that big of a deal for most of you, but for this low libido lady, masterbating for fun is a pretty significant milestone. Here's hoping it just keeps growing - maybe as big a libido as our friend Housewyfe!
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